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At the ultimate SPA that no one has ever seen

​ Healing and excitement for you




Experience with your eyes, body and mind

ultimate healing space

A new value of entertainment relaxation

Enjoy the finest massage in a fantastic treatment room with the theme of a dream world of sound and light.

​Enjoy a blissful time with all five senses, an emotional healing experience for you

3 things that matter



​dry headMassage

The purpose is to relax from the core and improve the "quality of sleep" by gently massaging with the finest techniques.

​foot reflexology

Focusing on the soles of the feet, the calves, arms and hands are massaged with oil. Pleasant stimulation removes muscle fatigue, regulates the autonomic nervous system, and draws out natural healing power.


A space of healing and inspiration

Space of healing
and excitement

In addition to being healed,

Exciting and fantastic extraordinary space



​ Hospitality

"Hospitality" that makes you want to come again!

We aim to provide "hospitality" so that all customers can leave with a smile.

In addition to customer service, we are also thoroughly particular about hygiene, and we will place importance on how we can make our customers feel comfortable.

We will provide high-quality service to each and every staff so that you will want to come again!

Fantasia photo 16.jpg


We provide our customers with "ultimate healing and excitement,"

By arranging the mind and body

Our goal is to enrich the lives of our customers and ourselves.

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